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Comprehensive Security & Safety Audit

Comprehensive Security & Safety Audit

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In todays digital landscape, the security of your personal information, computers, mobile devices, and WiFi network are more important than ever. Everything from the security software on your computer, the setup of your WiFI network, and your mobile device settings can put you at major risk if not setup properly and regularly maintained.


After we plug up the holes in your home and/or businesses computers and network, we'll check your online footprint for any leaked sensitive information, unwitting participation in the multitude of various major database breaches, and existance in any "dark web" marketplaces who might be selling that information to the highest bidder. We'll even perform a comprehensive search of any databases that currently hold your private information, and take the proper steps to eliminate it. 


Finally, it doesn't matter how good your security is if you willingly give your personal information away to a smart social engineering attack. The final piece to an ironclad digital security setup is your own awareness of the latest attacks so you know what to look out for. We'll teach you how to spot the warning signs of a potential attack or scam, and how to stop them cold.  


Remember, every single person who ever had their identity stolen, lost years of personal informtaion to ransomware, or spent hours on the phone with their bank disputting an un-authorized charge said the same thing at one point or another: "That could never happen to me".


    Your full audit includes:

    1. A thorough check of all physical devices backup status, current malware infiltration, firewall settings, & security software options.

    2. Password strength audit, and implementation of a secure password keeping soluting.

    3. Security audit of physical and wireless network.

    4. Online digital footprint check and information removal. including security setting audit of any social networks.

    5. Social engineering training.


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